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Your Yoga Practice and Space

Yoga, is an ancient practice, with its origins in India. The tradition passed on for centuries by the teacher to the taught. The Yogis followed different methods of teaching, some followed a one-to-one, while others followed a Gurukul system, where more than one student would be taught. Whatever the method of teaching, the effectiveness of the practice is achieved when the one learning, begins to absorb all that is being taught. While Patanjali documented the Ashtanga System of Yoga, and is considered as the first teacher of this practice, many teachers have since then brought various forms of Yoga to their audience, with the basis being the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

Picking the Teacher

Take your time, look around and pick a teacher for your practice, that best suits your style and yearning. Once you have done this, finalise your Yoga Space in your home, and stick with this. Use your space as a little sanctuary, where you connect with your self. It is suggested you do not share your yoga mat with others. Your mat carries your vibrations and so does the space. With constant practice, you will be able to connect immediately when you start your practice.

Setting Up

You can make it simple and fresh, with minimum clutter around it. Fresh plants, a candle or incense if you are not bothered by its scent, can be safely lit while you are practicing, always remember to put it out when done. Place some uplifting books that help you pep up and read a few lines from them before or after the practice. Request your family or friends for a little quiet time when you practice, so that in the early stages, this quiet helps you engage better. If you like a relaxing background tune, play it to uplift your practice. Most importantly, be there, and start the journey.

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