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Is Yoga for me?

Yoga is for anyone with a willing spirit, my classes are simple and effective. I teach a set of postures and breathing techniques and relaxing meditations in my one hour session. I change the postures every week, and introduce the participants to various useful poses which you can practice in your daily life. To join my class you need not have previous exposure to Yoga.

What do I need for my class?

Invest in a yoga mat for better grip, if possible. A towel, bare floor or carpet may not provide the right support you will need to practice your postures comfortably. Stick with this mat, and keep it for your personal practice only.  Your mat will carry your vibrations and help you improve your practice and meditation.


How do I connect online for my class? (** Currently not running online classes)

Once you book online or by contacting me, you will receive a Zoom Link via email or text. On the day of your scheduled class click on this link to connect through your device to the online session. You do not require a zoom account to connect.

How do I position my camera? (** Currently not running online classes)

Once you finalise your space for your practice, make sure you are visible on your screen when you set up. You can test this by positioning your device camera in advance, and viewing your screen.  Place your camera away from you, so that it captures the length of your body when standing. There will be some postures where you will raise your arms, hence please keep this in mind while setting up. Once the standing set of postures is done, we move to seated, prone (On your abdomen) & supine ones (on your back), I will give you some time to move the camera position where needed, so that I can view you, prior to commencing.

Can I book any other way , apart from the online booking option?

Yes, if you are not comfortable to book online via the website booking option, please contact me via email and request for a date and time. Payment can be finalized then.

Do you have any other classes that you can schedule apart from the ones listed?

On a case to case basis, and depending on the requests, I will be able to slot in extra sessions. For extra sessions to be set up, I require minimum 2 participants. Please email me with more questions.

What preparation is required prior to the class?

It is normal practice to come to the session with an empty stomach, try and have your last solid meal at least 1 to 2 hours prior to the class. Liquids to be preferably consumed 30mins prior. It is okay to sip water during the class incase you feel dehydrated or dryness in your throat.

Can I practice Yoga if I am pregnant?

The practice is not designed for pregnant women, however if your doctor approves, you are welcome to join in. You will be required to practice within your comfort limits, and modify the posture where required, or requested by the teacher.

What language do you conduct the classes in?

My classes are in English.

Do you take on students from other time zones? (** Currently not running online classes)

Yes, my classes are solely run online. Hence, if my session times suit your time zone, you will be able to join in. I have had participants from Amsterdam, Norway, India, Australia.

What are your online payment options?

I can accept payments via PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards online via site Bookings Option. Alternatively,  if you are based in Australia, you can contact me for my banking details for a direct bank transfer.

Do you have any plans or member cards/offers? (** Currently not running online classes)

Yes, please visit Plans and Passes tab and pick a plan that suits you.

Can I join your class if I have just had a surgery , feel unwell or have any underlying health conditions?

Please get your doctor's approval prior to joining class, Arya-Yoga and Wellness will not accept responsibility or liability  arising thereof from any  injuries or consequences due to the practice.

Do you a Privacy Policy ?

Yes, please click link to read : Link 

Do you a  Disclaimer or a Waiver?

Yes, please click link to read: Link

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