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Disclaimer and Waiver

Thank you for choosing Arya – Yoga and Wellness.

Here, the aim is to provide online sessions for participants in the comfort of their own environment. The practice of Yoga is not just a set of postures, rather it is a way of life. We learn to be mindful of our body, mind and spirit and focus on bringing in balance and harmony into our lives.

Each session is tailored around general principles, and not specific to a certain participant. If this is required, the participant is requested to contact the teacher and work out a private session if agreeable between both parties.

Arya – Yoga and Wellness sessions are not designed for those pregnant, with medical conditions, those who have undergone surgery withing the last 6 months. If any of such, wish to participate in a class, it is required that the participant gets a medical clearance from their doctor prior to joining in. Any injury or consequence arising from any such participation will be at the sole risk of the participant alone. Arya – Yoga and Wellness will not accept any liability or assume any risk arising thereof.

All participants are requested to administer due care of and work within their own comfort zones. Postures should be modified if they do not feel right, or one must proceed only if he/she feels comfortable to do so. The teacher will provide as much guidance as possible to help the participant with this, however the sole responsibility of the end result lies with the participant.

Please consult your teacher at least 15 minutes prior to your session time in case of any concerns that need reporting.

If you are a minor (Under 18 years of age), parental approval will be required prior to joining class.

The participant confirms that they have understood the above agree to book the class with this understanding.

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