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The Mountain Beckons

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

What is it that draws me to the mountain?

Is it the sense of calm it exudes,

or is it the life it nurtures.

It's stillness is palpable,

Oh the silence, so deafening,

My eyes, drinking in every bit of magnificence they can savor.

The gentle guide nudges with every breath I take,

To stay untouched by the externals,

Carry the weight that you have to , it says,

Stay grounded and yet keep moving, it whispers

Deep inside me , there is a knowing,

That all is well, and just as it is meant to be,

Closing my eyes I know, from thousands of miles away..

The mountain beckons... the mountain beckons...

Image shot at : Charanpaduka - Badrinath, Chamoli Uttarakhand (India)

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1 Comment

L Choi
L Choi
Apr 02, 2021


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