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The Key

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

We live in this fast paced world, where we have all heard it being said over and over again, 'you snooze you lose'. While this truth is relevant in the materialistic world, there is a world beyond this chaos and madness, where life happens in no big hurry. Yet, we still have the sunrise and the sunset.

The way of the fast paced world can sometimes drive one to insanity and insecurity, where, when unable to keep up, one tends to believe that they are not good enough. A separation or disconnect is caused in the Body, Mind, Spirit Tripod. This is where one begins to go downhill and self doubt creeps in. However, not all is lost, and if someone asks , is there hope then? the answer is Yes!!!

What if, the key to our way back is in our Breath. Laughable, isn't it. Many would expect something fancy or expensive to be offered as the part of the remedy, but, what if the secret was in our Breath, which we carry with us at all times, until finally it leaves us.

The ancient Yogis have been practicing, teaching and passing down the secrets of the Breath for thousands of years. Those who have been humble enough to understand this, and absorb the teaching and use it in their daily lives, have only but benefitted.

When we start watching our Breath and understand the endless potential it holds, we open up the links between the Body, Mind and Spirit. Once this link is established, and the flow of energy is harmonized within this Golden Tripod, life as we know it changes for the better.

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