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Upcoming Yoga Events

When we bring our body, mind and spirit in harmony, we begin to feel a deep sense of ease and calm. Learn to connect with beautiful energy that resides inside you. Once you are in touch with the source, you will derive great strength from it and learn how to be equiposed under all circumstances. The entire cosmos and its magic resides inside us. When we meet, we learn by practice to peel off all our outer layers and get in touch with the deeper reality.

Yoga in the Mountains

"Great things happen when people and mountains meet" - William Blake

SATURDAY, Date TBC - JUNE 2023 FROM 09:00-10:15 UTC+10

On Saturday, Jun Date TBC 2023 at 9am Brisbane time I will be at the beautiful Phoenix Sculpture Garden, Mt. Glorious holding a session of Yoga and Relaxation. I am grateful to Margit Radcliffe the co-founder of Phoenix Sculpture Garden for sharing her space.

The session will be simple, yet uplifting. You will be eased into a few stretches, nothing complicated, guided into an effective breathing pattern to energise your self and will be taken through a short meditation to relax your mind and body as you take in the beautiful mountain vibes.

If this has gotten your interest then here are the finer details:

When: Saturday Jun Date TBC, 2023
Time: 9.00am Brisbane tim
Duration: 1 hour 15 mins.
Where: Phoenix Sculpture Garden , 59 Fahey Road, Mt. Glorious , Queensland.
Fee: AUD 20 per person.

Bookings essential, please call or message Margit Radcliffe on 0410 030 870 to confirm your spot.

Payment method: Cash preferred, Bank Transfer option available.

What to bring: Yoga Mat and a drink of water.
Optional: small cushion, a shawl or blanket, Yoga blocks.

Once we end the session we can sit around for a cuppa while taking in the energy of the beautiful surroundings and perhaps share some stories. On your way out you can explore the beautiful Phoenix Sculpture Garden, and take in the energy that permeates in this beautiful space.

Hope to see you there, please confirm in advance as we have 15 spaces for a comfortable session.

Yoga at Northey Street City Farm

SUNDAY, JUN 4TH 2023 FROM 06:30-07:30 UTC+10

On Sunday the 4th of Jun 2023 at 6.30am I will be at The Northey Street City Farm Organic Market, Windsor, holding a session of Yoga and Relaxation. I am grateful to Simon the Manager of Northey Street Markets for sharing this space. This will be in the undercover area near the main office.

When: Sunday - Jun 4th, 2023
Time: 6.30am, Brisbane Time
Duration: 1 hour
Where: Northey Street City Farm Market, Windsor- undercover area near the main office.
Fee: AUD 15 per person.
Booking process: please send an email to and book your spot, we request this so we know what numbers to expect. Alternatively call or message on 0416 856 013 (weekends or after 5.30pm on weekdays)

Event Link Click Here

After the session please feel free to amble through some of the most amazing market stalls where growers sell their certified organic produce, or head to the kitchen and grab yourself a delicious chai which is brewed for several hours. If you are someone who is into gardening then head to the organic nursery and explore the beautiful and unusual collection of plants and herbs.

Everything about this space is down to earth and organic and a great reminder that simple things are the most beautiful.

Hope to see you there, please confirm in advance.

Disclaimer / Waiver:

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